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The hay we grow at Eagle Butte Ranch is of the highest quality.  With top of the line haying equipment and operators, the hay is cut, dried, baled and barn stored efficiently.  Our employees are dedicated to putting up the finest horse hay available on the market.

All of our hay is grown without the use of herbicides or insecticides.  We use compost and sustainable management to create a quality product that tests very high in nutrition. Every cutting is individually tested by Equi-Analytical Laboratories, giving us full nutritional value of each crop.

Our fields are not a mono-culture, a practice seen often in this age of chemicals.  It is standard to apply a pre-emergent to a field before planting, which is nothing less than a poison to kill all potentially competing plants.  Once planted, the only crop to grow is what was seeded.  Besides killing the microbes in the soil, creating a 'dead soil' environment, the crop is nutritionally incomplete.  When feeding this feed to your animals, you are missing the important nutritional compliments to a diet that a wide variety of other plants can offer.  It would be similar to limiting your diet, for example, to only one vegetable.  If you only ate green beans, you would miss the vitamins and minerals that other vegetables provide.  Our grass and hay contains all the valuable variety of plants that come from a balance environment.  Dandelions, plantain, multiple grass species, clover, alfalfa, birdsfoot treefoil, and many other important plants can be found.  This is what allows our hay to test with such high marks from the laboratory.

We try to stay competitive with our pricing, but may be slightly higher than the average hay seller advertising in the paper.  Our buyers, however, can always be certain that the hay purchased from us is of a consistent nutritional quality and will satisfy the needs of their animals.

We grow natural, certified weed-free hay without the use of herbicides, or insecticides; a daunting task.  The weeds are individually managed, eliminating the need for dangerous weed killers.  Tests show that the hay is of the highest quality grass, so it makes for superb forage for working animals that are being fed in areas requiring certified hay.

Do you have a Cushing's, or Insulin-resistant horse, requiring low carb/low sugar feed?  We have raised hay testing lower than 12% sugar value (averaging around 10-11%), meeting the needs of horses under veterinarians care.  This feed tests out with high quality figures, giving your animal the nutrition they need without the damaging sugars their systems cannot handle. Interestingly, most of the hay is of a 25% alfalfa/75% grass mix, dispelling the wives tale that all grass is good and alfalfa is not.  The Laboratory insists that one cannot predict the nutritional value of feed without the appropriate testing, thus we test every crop, every cutting, every year.  It is extremely difficult to grow low carb/low sugar hay, so feel fortunate each year when a cutting tests within our goal!

Is your horse under heavy work and in need of the extra carbs/sugars?  We have hay to meet your needs.  Each cutting varies slightly in protein levels, and sugars, and armed with our research on each crop, we can determine the perfect hay for your animals.

Of course we have basic, excellent quality horse hay.  As everything is barn stored, we can insure the quality and nutrition stay at their best.

Bales are small squares, put up with twine.  They are baled at 60# and barn stored. "Sold in quantity" for us is defined as 120 bales or more.  Delivery in the Roaring Fork Valley is available at an extra cost of $2.00 per bale.  

All of our hay is guaranteed.  If for some reason a bale does not meet your standards, we will replace it with another.  Please keep the bales for return and we will pick them up when exchanging.

As of Fall of 2014, we have:
  • Chemical free, Certified weed free hay, 100% grass. Approx. 500 bales of excellent quality horse hay available, $12 a bale. 
  • Low carb/low sugar hay for metabolically challenged horses, grass/alfalfa mix. $12 bale . Approx. 700 bales available.  Excellent quality
  • High quality horse hay, $10 bale. 



Paonia, Colorado
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