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About Us

Eagle Butte Ranch, formed in 1987, spreads over 1000 acres in the North Fork Valley of Western Colorado. Recently dubbed "The Golden Triangle" by Forbes Magazine, this fertile valley is known for it's fruit and wine growing production.  The surrounding towns of Paonia, Hotchkiss, and Crawford support the largest concentration of organic and natural producers in the state of Colorado.

We at Eagle Butte Ranch, are striving to be a fully self sustainable, ecologically minded ranch, raising natural products for sale.  Our specialty is natural grass-fed beef and niche market feed such as certified weed free hay and low carb./low sugar hay for "metabolically-challenged" horses.

At present, two-thirds of the Ranch is run completely on solar, soon to be complimented by a micro-hydro system.  Our employees use electric "Gator" ATV's for transport which are charged nightly on the solar systems.  Our commitment to environmental responsibility is increasing annually as we are always exploring ways to minimize our "carbon footprint".

Aspen cowsIn the summer, we keep the cattle and horses on a combination of this ranch in Paonia, Eagle Butte Ranch, and our ranch in Aspen, Colorado, the T-Lazy-7 Ranch.  Rotational grazing keeps the weeds minimized and the pastures maximized.  Compost provides our fertilizer, allowing us to achieve healthy plants that are high in nutrition. 

                       EBR in fall 



All the cows come back to Eagle Butte Ranch in the fall where they spend the winter.



Winter brings a host of wildlife to the mesa where Eagle Butte Ranch is located.  The surrounding neighbors share our preservationist views and the Ranch becomes the wintering grounds for deer, elk, Bald and Golden eagles, coyotes, badgers and a wide variety of other animals and birds.  Over the years, we have established and restored wetlands, using pre-existing springs to provide year-round open water that attracts migratory fowl by the thousands. We have designed our fencing, outbuildings and storage areas around the natural flows of wild animals to prevent problems. The wildlife levels stay in balance, so conflicts are almost non-existent between our operation and the native population.


Paonia, Colorado
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